Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Welcome Post

At the moment this new blog still looks a bit empty and you might wonder what you'll find here once the content starts coming?


Well, for the most part the content will probably be about "pages". I love reading and I love being read to, so I always have at least one paper book and one audiobook going, usually I even read several books at the same time. E.g. when I'm reading a dead-tree-book I usually read an ebook at the same time as well for the times when I'm not at home, because I love the ease of not having to carry a 500+ pages book with me. Instead I just have my Kindle with me, always the same weight while containing several dozens of books (including loads of classics, available for free as ebooks).

I might also listen to up to three audiobooks at the same time: One I'm listening to along with my mom in the mornings. Another I'm listening to in the evenings/mornings when I'm in bed, either going to sleep or waking up. There simply is no better way to wake up in the morning than being woken by a nice audiobook. Then I might have another audiobook going for the times when I'm not at home. This audiobook is sometimes the same as that I'm listening to in bed, but depending on my mood and availability of the audiobook, it might differ. The "bed-book" must be on CD or at least in mp3-format so I can put it on a USB stick, while the "outside-book" must be in a format I can play on my android phone.

You'll read about my reading and listening experiences on this blog.


You might also read about "needles" here, namely knitting needles. Some months ago I discovered how satisfying it can be to create something with my own hands, so I started knitting. I don't have as much time for it as I would like (I can listen to an audiobook in the car on my way to university and back, but knitting at the same time as driving is a bit more complicated), but I still try to get something done every day.

At the moment I'm knitting a pullover. This has a bit of a history because I had done another pullover in the same style before, but it got shrunk in the washer. As I liked the style so much, I decided to try again, this time with a slightly thicker wool and in white with some brown instead of in green. I also tried another way of knitting the separate parts and then combining it, so I'm mostly on my own on this and can't rely on the written pattern as much as before. This is turning out to be a trial and error project, but I'm confident on finishing it one day.


Apart from knitting and reading you might also read about what other thoughts pop into my mind. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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